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Thank you for joining me in this cause! I’m excited to share my AIDS/LifeCycle journey with you.


For me, when I started cycling and riding in the Aids Lifecycle, I had a high goal of raising $100,000 - Today, I am VERY VERY CLOSE! When we reach the goal above, we will have achieved the 100K goal! Only YOU can make this happen. 

The services provided as a result of our fundraising efforts include research, counseling, linking youth experiencing homelessness and people living with HIV to housing, and so much more. By supporting this cause, you take a stand against stigma, helping to create a world where health justice is a reality for everyone. We are so close to finding a cure!

THANK YOU for your support, generosity, and friendship. Together, we can do so much! Your support will be the power in my legs and the air in my lungs.

Happy Holiday and all my best to you and your family!

Peace and love

Gary Graves (he/him/his)
Fullerton, CA | (714) 264-8778

"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference." - DR. JANE GOODALL