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Thank you for joining me in the fight against HIV/AIDS! 

In 2022 I participated in my first AIDS/LifeCycle, and rode my bicycle the whole 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This was a truly amazing and rewarding experience. Besides having very VERY tired legs and eating 4000 calories a day, I became more strongly connected with SoCal's LGBT community and learned so much more about the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS and of the importance of ending HIV/AIDS. So... I decided to do it again!

I’ll be working throughout the year in support of the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.  

In Los Angeles County alone, there are about 57,700 people living with HIV/AIDS. Many of them are part of marginalized and vulnerable communities. The services provided as a result of our fundraising efforts include counseling, HIV/STD screenings, linking youth experiencing homelessness and people living with HIV to housing, and so much more. 

Thank you so much for supporting this cause by making a donation!