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Ofer Yitzhaki
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Ofer Yitzhaki

AIDS/LifeCycle 2023


Thank you for joining me in this cause! 

In June, 2023 I will be riding my bike (again, for the 8th time!!!) 545 miles from San Francisco to LA.

Why, you ask, would I do such a thing? And why would I do so for the 8th time? Well... because… if the past few years of COVID have taught me anything, it is the importance of:

  1. Science (and not FB)
  2. Meaningful research (and not People magazine)
  3. Accessibility to real medical/health services (and not veterinary medicine taken by humans)
  4. My own personal need to ride my bike, be outdoors, be active (and stop gaining weight) 
  5. And… perhaps more than anything else, be a contributing member of society (yes!!!)  

That's where this amazing event (often referred to as "the love bubble") comes in! It’s a life-changing ride—not a race—through some of California’s most beautiful countryside. The AIDS/LifeCycle is a charity ride held to raise funds to support the life-saving services offered by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. 

Every bit of my fundraising efforts and your generous donations go to critical services like: counseling, research, HIV/STD screenings, linking youth experiencing homelessness and people living with HIV to housing, and so much more. These services mean the world to those who receive them, and your support means the world to me.

By supporting this cause, you are helping to create a world where health justice is a reality for everyone.

I have committed to raising at least $5,000. Your help, at any amount you donate, is beyond appreciated and beyond helpful. Every dollar counts, and your donations are put to work immediately!

Will you support me by making a donation today? THANK YOU!!!


PS Here are some links to biking videos you may find interesting: 

* YouTube playlist of short videos from each day of my 2022 ALC ride.

2022 ALC Play List

* My solo, bike-packing ride to LA (compensating for ALC being canceled due to covid) from 2021

* My cross-country ride; 3,800 miles from San Francisco to Yorktown, VA (turning covid on its head) from 2020